Friday, 23 September 2016

How to make Wood Rings

I hope you get a chance to make a wood ring because it really is fun. I show you how to add a brass inlay but you can keep it simple if you want and just leave it wood. I made a Triforce from the Legend of Zelda because it is fairly easy. There are two ways to add the brass. The second way is not a shiny but I encourage you to try both ways for the experience of it and it is a lot of fun. You can add other designs or shapes, even small stones can be attached.

How to make double sided silver Morgan, Peace dollar coin rings

How To Make a Ring with a Coin in home

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

How to Make an Electric Match

This video demonstrates how to make an Electric match. If you planning a campfire or special effect, use this method.

How to Make a Hoverboard at Home

 Learn how to make a hoverboard using 12 V DC motor (300 RPM) and small wheel. It's very simple homemade hoverboard.

How to boost 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi signals

In this video I will you how to boost 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi signals employing an incredibly simple method. 
This method attracted me by its reliability and availability. It's a home made antenna with a reflector- BI-Quad antenna Charchenko. with the help of this antenna you can significantly increase both its reception and its propagation of radio waves. Its assembling is quiet simple. We need a 2-3 thick copper wire, a high quality cable with 50 Оhm wave resistance and a metal-clad glass textolit as a reflector, a paper-based laminate or at least a sheet of metal. The process of making is really easy. You need to take a wire to bend an antenna into the shape of an octangle and to solder a wire to it. You need to find an antenna on a modem or a router and if the antenna you find is a built-in antenna, you will need to cut if out and after soldering all parts to solder a wire instead. The results we got are far beyond what we expected. The 3G modem speed increased from 0.6 to 16 megabytes. Speaking about the router its amplification factor increased from to 8 Db. The reception of our cell phone increased as well. We could use Wi-Fi when we were 300 meters away from the house.

How to make a Generator at home

A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. In this video check how a DC Motor can be converted into a Generator to produce the electrical energy. 
This can be used to glow the LED light and also it can be used to charge mobile with small alterations.

How to make a Portable USB cell-phone charger

How to make a portable USB cell-phone charger for iPhone, iPod, MP3, MP4 with your own hands.
Using battery, wires, USB automobile charger you can make a portable charger for your cell-phone, iPod, MP3 player or any other gadget with your own hands easily.